Meet the Guys behind All Of The Good Things Podcast.

Con Sideris

Con S is commonly known as ‘Condor’ around the gym. This is most likely due to his name being similar to that of the bird, however his keen eye for movement makes this nickname very apt indeed!

Con is the Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach at CrossFit3000 and learnt his craft under the likes of multiple Australian Champion Goran Vukojevic, former Chinese Olympian and two-time Masters World Cup Champion Jianping Ma as well as the world-class team at Catalyst Athletics, USA. He breeds a disciplined type of lifter who sticks to their percentages and is always ready to peak on 1RM day. He is not afraid to dish out a few hard truths to rogue lifters, all with the aim to enhance their long-term performance. As such he receives great respect for his work on the gym floor.

But if that isn’t enough, he also walks the walk boasting the title of State Champion of Victoria in his age and weight class in 2015. Can lift!

Outside of all of that Con enjoys regular long blacks with his good friend and co-creator of the ‘All Of The Good Things Podcast’, Dr. Luke.

Dr. Luke Bryan (Osteopath)

Dr. Luke is the good friend that the Condor enjoys his long blacks with and is also the co-creator of the ‘All Of The Good Things Podcast’.

He is the principal Osteopath and founder of ‘Movement By Design’, widely touted as the best clinic in the gym (http://movementbydesign.com.au/book-a-session/). He has a strong focus on encouraging prehab for performance to avoid the need for rehab in the case of injury. His unique method of practice spans beyond the treatment table to include an emphasis on strength and conditioning, as he truly believes this is the key to longer-term health and antifragility.

He’s no slouch on the gym floor himself either. As an Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting Coach he has the ability to assess and correct movement faults and compensation strategies of what are arguably the world’s most technical movements. Lovingly referred to as ‘The People’s Coach’, Dr. Luke will bring you a combination of lols and knowledge bombs during the podcast.