OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING ELEMENTS SEMINAR – by LaB Strength & Conditioning and Movement by Design

Looking to take your Olympic Weightlifting to the next level? We have the course for you! Head Olympic Weightlifting Coach at LaB Strength & Conditioning, Con Sideris and Dr. Luke Bryan (Osteopath) have put together a course specifically to help you!

Our ‘Olympic Weightlifting Elements’ course is open to the general public. It is designed for athletes and coaches who want to gain a better understanding of how to best perform the snatch, clean and jerk lifts.

Olympic Weightlifting can be a powerful addition to your training when implemented correctly. The three competition lifts are the ultimate expression of mobility, stability and athleticism. Completing the lifts successfully requires power, timing and coordination, all of which challenge lifters both physically and mentally.

Olympic Weightlifting has experienced a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, particularly amongst recreational athletes. The increase in popularity, however, has not been matched with sufficient information about whether Olympic Weightlifting is a suitable fit for the individual athlete. Whilst social media is filled with tips and tricks on how to perform the three lifts, much of this advice is not in keeping with the foundational principles of Olympic Weightlifting and online coaching advice might not always come from qualified sources.

This Elements course will provide you with an easy to use assessment, which will help you determine whether Olympic Weightlifting is suitable for you and your training goals. You will also learn a toolbox of corrective measures and drills that can be implemented to overcome mobility issues which may be detracting from your performance or impacting your safety. The course will also cover the foundational positions and key points of performance required to complete the lifts successfully. With the vast majority of the course being practical, participants are sure to walk away with a thorough understanding of how to complete the lifts safely and with precision.